Lorraines School

of Dance and Drama



Exam Guidelines

Your child will be informed by half term if they are due to take an exam in our next exam session.




























Exam Rules and Details


Please check the day and time of your childs exam on the noticeboard in the dance school.


You must arrive at least 45 minutes before that time, to enable us to get the children ready.


All girls must bring with them the following please: two fine hair nets, grips and hair pins, four elastic hair bands, hair brush, comb and hair spray.


No jewellery of any kind including earrings must be worn, nor makeup or nail varnish!







For ballet exams all the above PLUS bring your ballet leotards, belt plus clean ballet shoes with ribbons attached (Monday   Primary class examination do not need ribbons), pink ballet socks. Grade 3 or above must wear pink ballet tights instead of socks.


Primary ballet class will also need to bring a teddy, Grade 1 will need their baskets and Grade 2 their books.






Modern and Tap

For Modern  /  Tap exams all the above PLUS please bring appropriate clean shoes. The children will be told about leotards, socks or tights to be worn by their teacher.


After your exam in ballet you will move up to a new grade and time. Chck this with the timetable on the notice board or on here. Modern and tap times stay the same unless you have been informed of any changes.