Lorraines School

of Dance and Drama



Dance Disciplines


The use of the Imperial Classical Ballet syllabi gives the teacher guidance in correct and safe teaching methods for all age groups and at all levels from beginner to professional. Children and students are encouraged to acquire a sound basic technique combined with an understanding of co-ordination and musical interpretation which are the essentials of a pure classical training. Numerous outstanding teachers, and classical dancers in major international ballet companies, have been wholly trained within the Imperial Classical Ballet syllabi.


The syllabi have been carefully developed in order to provide a fully comprehensive training both for children and young adults who wish to dance for pleasure and for those interested in a professional training Exams have been devised to provide a worthwhile sense of achievement both for children and young adults who dance for recreation and for children hoping to pursue a career in classical ballet. These progressively develop a child's technical ability and understanding, giving him or her a sense of dance, poise and an understanding of its relation to music. Pupils have the option of being entered into ISTD exams once a year at the Principal’s discretion.



Pre School Ballet

Our preschool ballet class is designed as an introduction to movement, mime and music for children aged 3 years. Our principal aim is to nurture and encourage your child's innate sense of movement and musical awareness, aiming to develop coordination , confidence and a sense of belonging. During these classes there is a huge emphasis on enjoyment and creativity. Dance enables children to gain a sense of purpose and achievement, fundamental for a child's development.




Modern Theatre Dance defies a single permanent definition. This is largely due to its ability to adapt, develop and evolve with the changing fashion in dance. Through a carefully planned and well-tried examination syllabus, which combines modern dance, jazz and other dance styles, young people are trained to become disciplined and versatile dancers who have a professional attitude towards dance. The children's work is based on natural movements: walking, running, jumping and skipping. It is designed to encourage an imaginative and rapid response from beginners. Pupils have the option of being entered into ISTD exams once a year at the Principal’s discretion.




Apart from being an essential skill for the professional dancer, tap dance is one of the most enjoyable and rhythmic forms of recreational dance.  Pupils have the option of being entered into ISTD exams once a year at the Principal’s discretion.




The aim of jazz is to provide an up-tempo high energy class incorporating the latest moves from the world of pop and modern. Students are not required to have any other formal dance training and they are not entered for examinations. This is a fun class.



Adult Classes

We offer to Watford and surrounding areas adult ballet and tap class - whether your a beginner or have experience these classes are all about having fun as well as a great way to keep in shape!